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Guatemalan Coffee picking

Every farm has its own story, a story that is reflected in our coffee.


We believe that the process of producing and sourcing coffee is an art on its own, which involves so many important elements to reach its final destination. In order to do that and be able to rely on so many from different parts of the world, four key elements become the base of our business, which are traceability, transparency, sustainability and most importantly, trust.


TerraNegra is dedicated to giving coffee lovers a unique experience. We strive to immerse the coffee drinker in the culture of specialty coffee and to take them back to the producers lands just by having a cup of Guatemalan coffee wherever they are.



We are based in Guatemala which gives us the opportunity to be more immersed in all the origin process. From creating strong relationships with our producing partners, visiting farms, having a more direct and instant quality control system and also overseeing the dry milling, prepping and exporting process. 

Guatemala offers so many microclimates and rich soils, which enables us to have access to a variety of incredible coffee profiles, each with its own distinct flavor.

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Coffee for us isn't just the delicious cup we drink every morning, coffee is everything around it, especially the wonderful people that we get the opportunity to meet and work with along the way. Our parters are who drive us into our coffee passion. We love making the connections between our producing and roasting partners, creating a more personal and direct relationship between the two. 

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We currently source Guatemalan coffees and import them into the United States, mainly Oregon, where they are received and stored at Costa Oro, Portland. Having reliable parters such as Costa Oro makes this operation a success!

We also source Guatemalan coffees for our importing partners in Australia since 2017. 

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In the specialty market, freshness is a key element to get the best of what coffee can offer. In order to maintain fresh crop coffee, our customers are able to select their coffee prior to shipping, either though mailed samples or at our cupping tours which are previously advertised. As the coffee gets to the warehouse and is ready to be released, it will be on its way to its new home. 


Sean Reilly, CEO 

Moustache Coffee Club 

"Our business is built on having a wide variety of high-quality
coffees available, and TerraNegra has delivered on both accounts since day one. The quality of the lots we've received has always been top notch, and TerraNegra's offerings do a great job of showcasing the diversity of unique coffees Guatemala has to offer."

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Mike & Caryn Nelson, Owners 

Junior´s Roasted Coffee 

"We have been working with Terra Negra for four years now, and while we have cupped Guatemalan coffees from other importers, we have yet to find an importing partner as dedicated to roaster/producer bridge building and transparency as they are. Terra Negra consistently carries exceptional coffees that span a broad range of flavor profiles and cafe/wholesale uses. We have served several of their coffees as single origin espresso and filter coffee. Terra Negra makes ordering and sample requests simple, and always provides in depth farm and milling information. Purchasing with them always feels like a collaborative process. We have great respect for the business owners dedication to farmers and sustainability, and have always felt that respect reciprocated for our work."


Coffee is an industry that brings so many who share the same passion TOGETHER.

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