San Antonio la Giralda

San Antonio la Giralda

1 Pound

José Montenegro is the owner and producer of San Antonio la Giralda Farm, a beautiful 7 ha farm which is located in Santa Elena Barillas, Amatitlán, about 34 miles South of Guatemala City. In 2015, José inherited a farm near the coast of Guatemala and decided to trade that farm with the farm his uncle inherited to produce coffee, now San Antonio la Giralda, and started managing it the way his grandfather taught him when he was young. In 2016 he dicided it was time to sell his coffee as green coffee and not to a Coyote so, in 2017, we were lucky to have been able to import his coffee for the first time and we have been honored to continue working with José since that year.


San Antonio la Giralda is now Cost of Production Covered, a Collab project with Juniors Roasted Coffee, which means the first price shown covers their cost of production and the second price is with a 30% profit margin that allows them to invest in their farm such as quality, future wet mill development, renovations, etc.


Caramel, chocolate, light fruits, sweet and citric notes. It is juicy, dense and has a medium aftertaste.